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January 2016

New Item - Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony A7II Cameras

1 years ago 2418 Views

The Sony A7II series cameras have been a huge hit with both still photographers and videographers. For those of you who are adventurous, we have just added the Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony A7II cameras. This housing is compatible with all of the current "Mark II" cameras including the, A7II, A7RII, and A7SII. It is not compatible with the original A7 cameras like the A7S. The Ikelite grants you access to all of the most important camera functions and has a depth rating of up to 200 feet.

You will need to rent a port for the housing that corresponds with the lens you are planning to use. We offer several ports including the Ikelite 5503, Ikelite 5503.50, or Ikelite 8 inch Modular dome ports. The product page for each port has a list of compatible lenses. Some of the ports will even allow you to use adapters like the Metabones EF to Sony E-Mount IV with Canon lenses. If you need some additional light, the housing is also fully compatible with the Ikelite DS-51 Strobe.

Most Popular Rental - Ikan IB508 LED Light Kit

1 years ago 774 Views

The Ikan IB508 is one of our most rented continuous lighting kits. The IB508 lights can operate on AC Power or with Sony “L” series batteries, both of which are included in the kit. The included stands can go up to 6 feet high but compact down to only 19 inches when collapsed. The lights mount to the stand with the included ball mounts, allowing you to tilt and swivel the light to your desired position. This LED lighting kit is extremely portable and all of the contents fit conveniently in the included travel bag. We offer theIkan IB508 in a two light kit or three light configuration, depending on the needs for your shoot. The Ikan IB508 is also stocked at our Tampa location.

Each IB508 has a color temperature switch, allowing the light to be adjusted from 3200-­5500 kelvin (tungsten or daylight). A dimming switch also allows control over the power output, giving you a lot of flexibility for your shooting needs.

The Ikan IB508 LED lights are ideal for a variety of video shooting, such as interviews, documentaries and short films. Since the lights can also be battery powered, it is ideal for outdoor shoots when power is not available. Each head is about 13 x 6.75 x 1 inch and only about 3 pounds, making it easy to mount or position just about anywhere.

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1 years ago 881 Views

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Lens 101

1 years ago 914 Views

Rent the best lens for the most popular photography situtations

Renting photography and video equipment has greatly increased in popularity. Recently, lens rentals and camera rentals have become easily accessible to the professional as well as the amateur photographer. We offer rentals of some of the most popular brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Profoto, Elinchrom and many more.

Below are some suggestions for lens rentals based on the most common applications.


Most people going on vacation prefer renting one “do it all” lens. Both Canon and Nikon offer an 18-200mm and 70-300mm that are versatile and lightweight. If you are planning on shooting wildlife in Alaska or on Safari in Africa, you might want to rent a Canon 100-400mm or a Nikon 80-400mm. Another option is to rent a teleconverter, in case you need a little more reach.


Whether you are a parent taking pictures of your children playing sports or a professional photographer, you want to rent a fast focusing telephoto. For outdoor sports, you have the option of a variety of lenses since lighting should not be a factor. Renting a lens with a large aperture, like a 2.8, will isolate your subject and create background blur. Indoor sports are more of a challenge. You will want to rent a lens with a large aperture to allow more light into the sensor and not have to rely on raising the ISO and introducing noise into the picture. Great indoor telephotos include 135mm 2.0 and the 70-200mm 2.8.


For landscape shots, renting any nice wide angle lens will do. The more popular ones in the Canon mount are the 10-22mm, 16-35mm, 17-40mm and the Tokina 11-16mm. Nikon offers the 12-24mm, 14-24mm and the 16-35mm. If you are going to handhold and use a lower shutter speed, rent a lens that has image stabilization like the Canon 17-55IS or the Nikon 16-35mm with VR.


Both the 50mm and the 85mm seem to be the most popular rental lenses for shooting portraits. Lenses with a large aperture like a 1.4 or a 1.2 let you shoot with available light while creating a pleasing background blur. When shooting outdoors you can also rent longer telephotos like the 70-200mm since they have little distortion and tend to compress the background.


Macro photography focuses on capturing the little things that surround us, from bugs to flowers and even wedding rings. In order to get all those small details you will want to rent a lens specifically made to “see” or focus at very close range. If you are going to handhold the lens, you might want to try the Canon 100mm IS or the Nikon 105mm VR. For more detailed work, you will want to rent a tripod and a macro focusing rail.


Weddings are one of the most photographed events. Most wedding photographers will rent large aperture zooms like a 24-70mm 2.8 and a 70-200mm 2.8. Fisheyes are good for “fun” unique shots and a macro lens for the small details.


Stage performances, such as dance recitals, jazz or rock concerts, employ a specific need. You will want to rent a lens that will let in a lot of light since you probably will not be able to use a flash. Fast primes, like the 85mm and the 135mm 2.0 are a good choice as well as more versatile mid range telephotos like the 70-200 mm 2.8.