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Customer Spotlight: Trevor Ward

8 months ago 1533 Views

We have a number of talented and interesting customers all across the country and we think it’s time to shine a spotlight on them. Every month we will be spotlighting a customer and ask them to share their special talents and experiences in the photography and video world. This month we talk to Trevor Ward of Red Eye Film Co. from Orlando, FL.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am the President of Red Eye Film Co. We’ve won multiple awards for our projects which include promotional videos and documentaries. Over the past year, I’ve also stumbled upon architectural photography and that now makes up about 30-40% of my business revenue.

How did you get into photography and/or video?

I got into video when I went on a 30-day mission trip to India in 2001. I made a short (and a long) documentary about my trip. Shortly after that I started making videos for other people and getting paid. I got into photography because DSLR’s became popular for video. I had a client ask me if I could do some video AND take pictures. I thought it couldn’t be that hard so I said, “Yes I do.”

Where are you located?

I’m located in Orlando.

What are some of your favorite hobbies/interests outside of photography?

Formerly I used to wakeboard a lot for fun and I used to live with one of the world’s best wakeboarders. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of basketball at the RDV. I love to travel internationally and during the previous 12 months I’ve been to England, Barcelona, India twice, Chile, Argentina, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer/videographer?

The thing I love about being a storyteller is the challenge of drawing out and crafting a great story. It’s not easy. Though I’ve won a lot of awards, most projects are not award winners. That reminds me that there is a LOT to learn. And when I see other great storytellers, it reminds me that many people are really good at telling stories. As a photographer, I love being able to capture an image that makes you say, WOW. Since I’m new to using a still camera and flashes, I still have a lot to learn and that really motivates me. Wanting to be good at something really motivates me.

What is your least favorite thing about being a photographer/videographer?

My least favorite things about what I do for a living? That I have to make money at it. Good video is expensive because of the man-hours involved. Convincing people who aren’t used to paying for that to pay for that is difficult. What I really want to do, may not be what someone else wants to pay me to do.

What is your current favorite piece of rental equipment?

Right now my favorite piece of rental equipment is the camera that I took on two recent trips to India: the Sony FS5. I hate using DSLR form factor cameras for capturing video and most handheld video cameras make serious compromises. But the ergonomics of the Sony FS5 combined with a really good HD image make it great. As the Sony lenses come up to par with Canon, you’ll have a great system. And as soon as someone makes an affordable parafocal zoom that’s relatively fast, sharp and has a decent short and wide range, all for less than $2000, then you’ll have the only camera a documentary filmmaker needs.

If you were going to a deserted island and could only bring one camera & lens – what would it be?

If I was stuck on an island with only one camera and lens I’d choose the Sony a6000 with 16-50mm lens. It’s awesome for traveling: small, lightweight and takes outstanding photos. Or I’d find a cheap camera that wasn’t UL tested so that it could spark and catch fire and I’d be able to send smoke signals while cooking my food.

Where can people follow you or find your work online? (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.)

I’m on Instagram @TrevorWardPhotos and my website Red Eye Film Co. has many of my projects from the last couple of years including a few recent projects.

Last, and most importantly – what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

For ice cream, I’d go with Vanilla custard, topped with chocolate sauce and a cherry.


Thank you Trevor for taking the time to participate in our Customer Spotlight Series! We hope you enjoyed it. Also be sure to check out the excellent review Trevor did of the Sony FS5 on his blog. Here is some of Trevor's work: