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Field Monitors & Recorders

4 months ago 277 Views

Are you still using the onboard LCD screen on your camera? What if you had and external screen that increased the performance of your project by giving you multiple tools to help improve the final result of your video. Well that is what a field monitor does! It is not just a bigger external screen. It is a screen that helps you make the best out of your shot! It has multiple options like framing guides, focusing guides, histograms, and even recording options! Lets look at two options to help you zero in on what might work for you!

Field Monitor Marshall 7 inch LCD Monitor like in the picture above is a great option, because it has a nice bright 7inch LCD that helps you get a clearer more vibrant picture closer to the look of your final image. What makes this field monitor so special is that it comes with several features like a Focusing Guide (Focus Peaking), which shows you what is in focus and what isn't, which is an extremely helpful must have tool for any videographer. You will no longer have to worry about whether you achieved the proper focus on your next shoot. It also has many custom controls like manual gamma adjustment and image flip. When you rent it from The Lens Depot it comes with a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable so you can use it on the Canon 5D Mark IV Camera if you want to.

Atomos Shogun 4k Recorder/Monitor is another great option with a bit of a twist, because not only does it carry all the great features like focus peaking and custom color controls, but it also records! This device can record externally through HDMI or SDI to an SSD or CF Card. Certain cameras can only record to it's highest quality externally like the Panasonic GH4 Camera with V-Log, so this monitor would be a great option to pair up with that camera.

Monitors and Loupes have become essential tools on any film set. They are a necessary tool for perfecting the image onsite to give you a better image to work with in post production. The Lens Depot has a variety of Monitors and Loupes available for rental.