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Five Items You Might Not Know We Rent

5 months ago 457 Views

Cameras, lenses, video, support, and lighting equipment - items in these categories are instantly what you think of when you contact a photo/video rental house. While we certainly have a large selection of items in these categories, did you know we also carry things that might fall outside of this spectrum? We've compiled a list of five items that you might not know we rent.

1. Camera Bags & Cases

All of our local orders (and some of our shipped orders) come packed in a Pelican or Seahorse hard case. These are usually on the smaller side and lenses are not mounted to the cameras in these cases. We do however also rent backpacks and other bags are a little easier to access when you're traveling with equipment. We have an entire category of Camera Bags and Cases available for rent. One of the most popular cases we rent is the Pelican 1510 with Dividers. The 1510 has been a favorite for many event or traveling photographers since it can accommodate quite a bit of gear and fits most airline's carry-on requirements (we recommend consulting your airline for specifics).

2. Novoflex VR Pro II

For people doing panoramic images or virtual quick time tours, the Novoflex VRPro II Panorama Head is a must. This head allows you to set up your camera centered on the nodal point of the lens for a perfectly perspective-corrected panoramas. Once set up, the click stops allow you to easily produce spherical panoramas, perspective-corrected flat panoramas, or cylindrical panoramas. The only thing you will need is a ball head to mount it on like the Giottos MH-1300.

3. Quantum Batteries & Flashes

Do you use flash a lot and wish you didn't have to run through so many AA batteries? The Quantum Turbo 3 might be the answer. The Turbo 3 is a rechargeable battery pack that allows up to 1050 full-power flashes from a hot-shoe flash. The Turbo packs are compatible with professional flashes that feature a port for external batteries like the Nikon SB-910 and SB-5000 or Canon 580EX II and 600EX. All you would need is the corresponding cable (CKE for Nikon or CZ for Canon).

You can even take your flash game a step further with a Quantum flash. Quantum flashes use a removable flash tube similar to that found in a studio strobe, and provides a higher power output compared to a standard speedlight. The Quantum Trio (available for Nikon or Canon) can be mounted directly in your hot shoe and provide full TTL capability. The Quantum T5-DR can be used on a flash bracket or off-camera. Both Quantum flashes require a Turbo Battery for use, but the power cable is already included with the rental.

4. Projectors, Screens, and PA Systems

We have all of your needs for audio visual presentations - ranging from meetings, presentations, birthday parties, or even the big game. Our Epson Projectors offer connection via S-Video, VGA, RCA Video, and HDMI while our Optoma Projectors can connect via HDMI. For indoor events or presentations, we have an 80-inch tripod screen that can fold down for convenient transport. If you're looking to take the party outside, we also offer a 12 ft. Outdoor Inflatable Screen. Even though the projectors have a built-in speaker, the audio isn't very loud. If you want to take things to 11*, we also offer a Mackie SRM150 PA System with XLR/Line and stereo inputs.

Disclaimer: The Mackie PA does not actually go to 11, but it can get pretty loud.

5. Event Printers

In today's day and age, many clients want instant gratification. Our event printer rentals allow you to deliver prints to your clients on the spot. The DNP DS-RX1 Event Printer can print a 4x6 image in just under 15 seconds. The only thing you'll need is a laptop or desktop computer with a USB port and the 4x6 Media Roll for up to 700 prints/roll or 6x8 Media Roll for up to 350 prints/roll (available for purchase).

We're always open to adding new and exciting items. If there's something that falls outside of our traditional items, send us an e-mail and let us know what you want to see!