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New Item - Fuji X-Pro2

7 months ago 548 Views

Mirrorless shooters rejoice! This week we've added the highly anticipated Fuji X-Pro2. This rangefinder-style camera has a retro look with a lot of modern functionality. A lot has changed since the original X-Pro1 so let's see what this camera has to offer.

Like most of the other Fuji X-series cameras, the X-Pro2 utilizes Fuji's X-Trans CMOS sensor. For those unfamiliar, most camera sensors use a low pass filter with Bayer pattern of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) color filters to capture the image. This pattern is the same throughout the sensor. Fuji's X-Trans sensor instead randomizes the RGB pattern and omits the low-pass filter to provide better sharpness, color reproductions, and high sensitivity performance. The X-Pro2 has an all new 24.3MP X-Trans III with a native ISO range up to 12800, that is also expandable to IS 51200.

Another big change is the all new Intelligent Hybrid Autofocus System, which uses both phase and contrast-detection sensors. There are a total of 273, with 77 of them being phase-detection sensors. This allows for AF speeds up to 0.06 seconds, which will definitely come in handy when utilizing the camera's maximum shooting speed of 8 fps.

The very popular Hybrid Viewfinder from the original X-Pro1 and X100S has returned and been improved. With the flip of a switch, the X-Pro2 can easily switch between an Optical or Electronic Viewfinder. The OVF can simultaneously overlay information from the electronic viewfinder and can be customized in the menu settings. The EVF has been bumped up to a high resolution 2.36 million dot resolution with a refresh rate of 85fps - allowing for very smooth and natural movement. For those who prefer using an LCD screen, the X-Pro2 also has a large 3.0" 1.62m-dot screen on the back.

The Fuji X-Pro2's Hybrid Viewfinder

The X-Pro2 is rugged, feels very solid, and offers a high degree of customization so you can tailor it to your shooting style. It utilizes the same NP-W126 battery from the XT-1 & X-T10 and accepts up to two SD cards simultaneously.. It's also fully compatible with our full range of Fuji X-Series Lenses. The Fuji X-Pro2 is available to rent here.