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Print Photos on the Spot with the DNP RX-1

2 months ago 322 Views

In today's fast moving world, many clients want instant gratification of their images. If you're looking for a solution to print images on the spot for your next event or for a photo booth, look no further than the DNP RX-1 Photo Printer.

The DNP RX-1 is capable of printing in either 4x6" or 6x8" sized prints. The paper is not included with the rental, but it can be purchased separately through our site. The 4x6" roll yields up to 700 prints while the 6x8" roll yields up to 350 prints. Best of all, the print time is pretty quick with a single 4x6" print coming in at just 14.9 seconds and a single 6x8" at just 26.9 seconds. The printer's footprint is relatively small at just 12.6" x 13.8" x 11."

You will need a desktop or laptop to connect to the the DNP RX-1 printer. Drivers can be downloaded directly from the DNP Website. If you are using a Windows machine, you can also utilize DNP's Hot Folder Utility program, which allows you to drag and drop images directly to a "Hot Folder" and they will print the images right away. On a Mac (or on a Windows machine if you'd prefer to not use the Hot Folder Utility program), you can print directly from your photo program of choice once you have the drivers installed.

We've put together a brief overview video about the DNP RX-1 below. Give it a try on your next rental here.