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Perfect Lens Combination

4 days ago 21 Views

Ever get stuck trying to figure out what lens to take on your next photoshoot or video shoot? Sometimes grabbing a fixed focal length lens won't fulfill your needs in every situation and you will find yourself switching lenses many times, especially when shooting an event. There is a solution that may help you find some comfort if you struggle with lens choices.

The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II Lens or if you shoot Nikon there is the Nikon 24-70mm AF-S f/2.8G ED N Lens are easily some of Canon and Nikon's most popular lenses. Very versatile focal length gives you plenty of flexibility. You can grab a nice wide angle shot at 24mm and immediately jump into a portrait shot at 70mm. They are also great in low light with an F-stop of 2.8! If you need a longer focal length you could continue on with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM Lens or the Nikon AF-S VR II 70-200mm f/2.8G Lens, which gives you an amazing range at the same F-stop of 2.8! Both of these lenses in combination have you covered from 24mm to 200mm at f2.8.

This lens combination can cover you for almost any situation and at The Lens Depot we have you covered because all of these options and more are available to rent today! Try these lenses out and see how you like them before you buy them!

Documentary Starter Kit

3 months ago 240 Views

Want to film your own documentary, but just don't know where to start? I am going to give you 5 essential tools that will put you on the right track to start filming your first documentary starting today! Knowing what you need sometimes can be more difficult than shooting the documentary itself. There are many different setups you can go with, but this setup is quick and it's very compact and portable!

#1 Canon C100 EOS Cinema Camera has made its mark as an affordable portable cinema camera. What makes this camera perfect for documentary film making is the fact that it has so many options built right in. The camera comes with a handle with 2 XLR inputs and a shotgun mount. It also features built in filters, so you won't have to worry about carrying around a filter case.

#2 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L ll Lens became one of Canon's most popular best selling lenses. This lens is perfect for almost any situation which makes it a power house, because you have such a good range for landscape and portrait type shots. It's also a low light champ at f/2.8!

#3 Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic is a great all around mic with it's ease of use and beautiful sound you cannot go wrong. What also makes this mic so great is that it can run on Phantom Power (power from the camera) or it can be powered by a single AA battery. When you rent it at The Lens Depot it also comes with a windscreen.

#4 SDXC 128gb Memory Card UHS-l U1 will give you all the storage you need for the C100. 128gb amounts to approximately 8-12 hours of recording time!

#5 Fluid Head 500A and Tripod 502AM Manfrotto is light, durable, and smooth. You always need the ability to grab some nice stationary, pan, and tilt shots. What makes this tripod so desirable is that it is very lightweight and when you rent it from The Lens Depot it comes in a case with a strap, so you can just wear it over your shoulder.

These 5 tools are the only tools you need to truly get started with filming your documentary! Not only is this a starter kit, but it's a professional kit and that means whatever you are shooting with this set will be professional quality. This whole set is available for rent from The Lens Depot.