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Coming Soon: GoPro HERO5 and GoPro Karma Drone

5 months ago 501 Views

GoPro had some big announcements last week with some new additions to their lineup. First up is the follow-up to the GoPro HERO4 Black, the new Hero5 Black. GoPro has made some significant changes over the HERO4, the biggest being a completely re-designed rubberized body that can be taken underwater up to 33' without the need of a housing. There will be a new housing for depths lower than 33'. If you have a plethora of GoPro mounts like the ones we rent in our GoPro Ultimate Package - fear not! The camera will also include a frame that is compatible with all existing GoPro 3 mounting accessories.

The HERO5 is also the first GoPro camera to feature image stabilization, which is a huge plus for an action camera. One caveat of the image stabilization is only available for still photos and Full HD video, but is unavailable for 4K shooting. The camera can be controlled and adjusted with the new built-in touch screen, or via voice command. Yes, you heard that right - you can start or stop recording just by telling the camera!

The sensor has been slightly upgraded to feature a little better low-light, as well as the addition of raw and wide dynamic range capture. For video, you can record 4K at up to 30fps, 1080p up to 120fps, and 720p at up to 240fps. The Narrow, Wide, and SuperView field of view modes return along with a new Linear mode that captures a wide view while reducing the fisheye distortion of the lens.

The GoPro Hero 5 is expected towards the end of October and is available for pre-order now.

After a year of teasing, GoPro also unveiled Karma - its first foray into the world of drones. The Karma looks to be a very small and lightweight quadcopter that can be folded up for easy transport. The Karma integrates fully with the new GoPro HERO5, but will also have a cage that is compatible with the GoPro HERO4. The Karma's controller has a unique clamshell design that has an integrated live view touch screen. You can also link a mobile device and have a second operator control the camera settings via the new GoPro Passenger app, while the pilot focuses on flying.

Like most modern drones, Karma connects to GPS and features auto take-off and landing features. It also has some interesting automatic functionality including Auto Shot Paths, Drone Selfies, Cable Cam, and Orbit mode. You can also remove the gimbal from the Karma and attach it to the Karma Grip, turning it into a handheld gimbal. The Karma Grip has full control of the camera and can be combined with existing GoPro mounts for some creative applications.

The GoPro Karma & Karma Grip Package will be available towards the end of November and is available for pre-order now.