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Support Equipment To Consider

2 months ago 188 Views

If you use equipment like the Glidecam HD 2000, DJI Ronin-M Video Gimbal, and the Kessler Cineslider 5ft, but are still looking for ways to create even more dynamic and creative shots, then there is definitely a few pieces of equipment you should consider. Getting great shots can be tough when you only have a limited amount of options available to help you achieve those great shots. There are many options when it comes to alternative Support Equipment, but here are a few you should definitely consider!

If you have never used a jib (camera crane) before, then you are definitely going to want to rent the Kessler KC-Lite Camera Crane! A camera crane like this is great, because you can achieve so many smooth dynamic shots. Cranes are usually known for creating great establishing shots, but can also be used to capture nice low shots and even give you slider type shots. The other great part is that it's extremely portable! This camera crane can be carried around and setup up on a tripod like the Fluid Head 504 and Tripod 546B Manfrotto!

Another great tool is the Pico Dolly! It may seem simple, but it's a powerful took to use on your next shoot! You can use this like a slider and you can even get creative and use it on a table, or wall! There are so many possibilities and it's very affordable to rent! Pair this up with a Canon 5D Mark IV Camera to get some great smooth 4k footage!

All of these items are available to rent at The Lens Depot right now! There are so many choices, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to see what will work best for your next shoot!