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Event Planning?

3 months ago 257 Views

Planning an event? Want to take it to the next level? Your presentation is a focal point of any event! Why not introduce some digital content to your next event, with a projector and a screen? Whether it's a wedding, corporate dinner, birthday party, or even inviting your friends over to watch a movie. You can create an immersive environment that will bring life to your next event. The Lens Depot actually offers a couple of options that could help make that happen!

Projecting an image at any event has always been a nice touch, but with the Epson 725HD Projector you can get a crisp clear HD Image to display to your audience. Grab your computer and connect it through VGA or HDMI connection and with a large projected image from your computer you can display commercials, pictures, etc. You can get an even more intense high quality image with the Optoma 3D 1080P HD141X Projector.

With a good projector on hand you may not want to project onto a wall, because it may not be fitting for your event. Why not project onto a portable solid screen like the Portable Tripod Screen 80-Inch that can setup in about a minute, with 3 different aspect ratios sizes to choose from. If you are outdoors and the 80' portable tripod screen isn't big enough, then you can just setup the Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen and really create that immersive environment!

Now that you have the basic set up, we must not forget about sound! We have you covered with the Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System. It is a small, but powerful system that will give you enough power to reach your audience. All of these Items are available for rent at The Lens Depot.