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4k Options

2 months ago 172 Views

Want to stay ahead of the game and start shooting in 4k? 4k is becoming extremely popular and relevant in media and that means it is also becoming extremely popular among camera makers. What makes shooting in 4k so special? Higher resolution, the ability to crop an image without losing Full HD quality, and stabilization options. With so many options to choose from when it comes to shooting in 4k, this is now the perfect time to get shooting! Here is a list of some of the 4k options available at The Lens Depot for you to rent today!

Sony Alpha a6300 Camera writes internal 4k at 30, 25, & 24fps. This camera is extremely popular, affordable, and light weight.

Sony Alpha a7S II Camera writes internal 4k at 30,25, & 24 and also has an extended ISO range of up to 409,600!!! This is a powerhouse! Pair it up with a Metabones EF to Sony E IV Adapter and use with your favorite Canon Lenses!!

Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6k Camera EF The Ursa Mini is special because it can capture 4k in Raw Uncompressed Format at 60, 30, 24fps. This is a powerhouse that accepts Canon Lenses due to it's EF mount so you have great compatibility in that area. When you want the most out of shooting with 4k, then the Ursa mini is the way to go!

All of these 4k camera options are available to rent at The Lens Depot today! Visit our Cinema Camera Section and discover even more options!

New Item - Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony A7II Cameras

1 years ago 2418 Views

The Sony A7II series cameras have been a huge hit with both still photographers and videographers. For those of you who are adventurous, we have just added the Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony A7II cameras. This housing is compatible with all of the current "Mark II" cameras including the, A7II, A7RII, and A7SII. It is not compatible with the original A7 cameras like the A7S. The Ikelite grants you access to all of the most important camera functions and has a depth rating of up to 200 feet.

You will need to rent a port for the housing that corresponds with the lens you are planning to use. We offer several ports including the Ikelite 5503, Ikelite 5503.50, or Ikelite 8 inch Modular dome ports. The product page for each port has a list of compatible lenses. Some of the ports will even allow you to use adapters like the Metabones EF to Sony E-Mount IV with Canon lenses. If you need some additional light, the housing is also fully compatible with the Ikelite DS-51 Strobe.