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Ikan Teleprompter Rentals: Head to Head

11 months ago 1049 Views

With the addition of teleprompters to our rental inventory, we are often asked the difference between the models we carry and which one is the best. We carry the Ikan Elite iPad Teleprompter and Ikan PT3500 Teleprompter. Today we take a look at our teleprompter rentals and go over some of the key differences between the two.

Design and Adjustment

Both teleprompters use a 15mm rod system. This allows you to make forward & backward adjustments for the camera plate and teleprompter position. They also both have a bottom base plate that allows you to easily mount the entire rig to a tripod. While the Elite has limited height adjustment, the PT3500 has three different height adjustment rods, making it more versatile for a wider variety of cameras.

Screen Size

While both prompters use high quality 70/30 prompter glass, the frame on the PT3500 is also fully tilt-able, so it can be adjusted. The Elite prompter includes a 9.7" iPad 2, while the PT3500 has its own self contained 15" screen with VGA, SDI, & HDMI inputs.


This is where there's a big difference between the two units. Without a camera, the Elite Prompter weighs in at just over 8 pounds while the PT3500 Teleprompter is a whopping 16 pounds. The software & screen are all included with the iPad of the Elite Prompter while the PT3500 has to be connected to a power source and a laptop or desktop.


Our Elite Prompter rental package with an iPad 2 is pre-loaded with the Elite Prompter software. It has a full Rich Text Editor, and can also import .ASTX, .FDX, .XAV, and .TXT files from Dropbox directly into the editor. You can also type your own script into the program with the included Bluetooth keyboard. The PT3500 does include the PrompterPro 3 software with the rental, but you will need to install it on your own desktop or laptop. It is a fully featured text editor and allows real time text updates to the script. You can also use your own software with the PT3500 if you would prefer.


The Elite Teleprompter is a little more basic and streamlined, but it is definitely better for productions that need portability and where power may not be available. If you need a more robust and professional setup, the PT3500 Teleprompter is definitely the way to go.

Rent the Elite Teleprompter Here

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