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The Lens

Lens, Camera, Video, Lighting and Drone Rentals


      Earn 5% Back on your Rentals!  
       Earn Rental Credit:
  • Earn 5% credit back on all rental orders including extensions
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Membership discount
  • Can be used towards a purchase in our Items for Sale section
  • No Sign-Up Required! 
  • Will never expire

       How do I redeem ?
  • Credit will automatically accrue to your account after the order has been checked back in and marked complete
  • Log into your account prior to checkout and select how much credit you would like to redeem
       Program Rules, Policies and Legal Stuff
        - Rental credit cannot be used by anyone other than the account holder
        - Rental credit is not earned on shipping charges, taxes, damage waivers or any other fees. 
        - Rental credit does not have a Monetary Value and cannot be "cashed in"
        - Rental credit is only available if an account is in good standings
        - Rental credit is not available on orders that have yet to be returned.  Only completed orders can qualify.
        - Rental credit that has been redeemed cannot be used again.
        - Rental credit cannot be redeemed after an order is placed.
        ***The Lens LLC reserves the right to terminate or change the program without notice. The Rental Credit is owned by The Lens LLC ***